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If an insurance company did not act fairly and honestly toward its policyholder in response to a claim then the insurance company has violated the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing.

It has been found in many cases that if a claim is denied, policyholders believe they have a Portrush claim against their insurer; however, this is a not the case all the time. While pursuing your claim your insurance dispute attorney, will determine whether a viable claim for bad faith exists…

Given below are cases in which you might think through filing a bad faith claim or unfair claims.

Death & Dismemberment ,Disability, Life, and Accidental (AD&D)

Disability Insurance Unfortunately times when you are most vulnerable, such as if you become disabled, many insurance companies place profits over people. People who have been denied or lowballed by their insurance companies our attorneys have extensive experience to work with them.

Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) Claims It will most likely fall under ERISA, if your life or disability insurance is offered through your employer. If you work for federal, state, county, municipal, or a school board and if your life or disability insurance is through your employer, it will not be under ERISA. It is very important that you contact our attorneys as soon as possible, if you have been denied insurance benefits through your employer, as Employee Retirement Income Security Act claims mostly have very little time periods in which to challenge the insurance company’s denial of your claim.

People who have been denied or lowballed by their employer regarding their life and accidental death and dismemberment claims for them our attorneys have extensive experience working with insured’s. We have been successful in recovering insurance benefits to which our clients were allowed under ERISA.

Personal Injury Protection This type of insurance which is known as PIP is a type of insurance coverage that covers some medical expenses, lost wages, and more, after an accident, regardless of fault. With the minimum amount of PIP coverage required varying by state law, PIP coverage is mandatory for vehicle owners in certain states.

In certain states, this insurance program benefits are only available for those who get medical treatment within two weeks of their accident, so it is necessary for car accident victims to visit their doctor instantly in order to avoid ineligibility.

Some car accident victims still face great difficulties recovering the full PIP benefits to which they are entitled, despite following PIP benefit procedure. An attorney of car accident can help sufferer, who have had their PIP claims inappropriately reduced by their insurance company, take legal action through a PIP lawsuit. Your attorney will study your PIP benefits and decide the best way to demand full payment from the insurance companies.

Victims also experience difficulties with getting their full PIP benefit payment like healthcare providers, such as hospitals and emergency physicians. An insurance company tries to take advantage often by reducing the medical bill, stating the provider has overcharged the patient.

Auto Insurance Property Damage Coverage

Morgan & Morgan Insurance attorneys realize that, in some situations automobile accident statements are either deprived of by the insurance company or settled for significantly less than the case is worth. If a claim is denied it can place a serious financial problem on the policyholder.

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