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What Is Personal Injury Protection? Also known as no-fault insurance Personal injury protection (PIP) includes expenses like loss due to wages, paying medical bills or paying funeral costs after a car accident, no matter who is the faultier of the accident. Requirements for this protection may vary from state to state.

What Does Personal Injury Protection Car Insurance Cover? Medical expenses for you and your injured passenger will be covered by this PIP insurance program, if there is an auto accident. And it doesn’t take into account that is at a fault for the accident.

The car insurance coverage is also applicable to those who are not driving. For an example, if you get injured by getting hit by a car while you are walking, your PIP coverage may help pay for your injuries.

Medical Expenses

After there is a car accident ,this PIP includes medical bills for you and your passengers, this PIP  coverage may even help you cover your health insurance to a much less extent.

Work Loss

If have lost wages because you’re out of work due to your injury in an accident and, your PIP coverage can help. The benefit of this program can also apply if someone is self-employed and need to hire temporary workers to perform jobs.

Funeral Expenses : This program also includes coverage like pay for funeral, burial or cremation expenses after a car accident. Survivors’ Loss : This PIP coverage also helps to replace your lost income for your surviving dependents, if you pass away in an auto accident.

Essential Services : Your PIP insurance can also help pay for services like childcare and housecleaning which you’d normally perform if you weren’t injured,

What Is Not Covered by PIP Insurance? The things that are not covered under PIP insurance are as follows: Property damage The injury of other driver in a collision Any injuries due to commitment of crime like fleeing the police If you received payment for driving those Injuries in an accident will not be given.

By getting a car insurance quote from us today much more can be learnt about the PIP program limits and responsibility coverage. State requirement of Personal Injury Protection Car Insurance From state to state, state car insurance requirements may vary. They are not the quite different from place to place. In fact, they vary to a large extent across the United States.

No-Fault States

Every driver must file a statement with their own insurance company after accidental states with no-fault insurance laws, no matter who has made the accident. Which means that all drivers should buy this personal injury protection coverage as a part of their auto policies?

States with no-fault coverage laws are: Florida Hawaii Kansas Kentucky Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota New York North Dakota Pennsylvania Utah At-Fault States Where PIP Is Required Car insurance company of the concerned  driver who has caused the accident at-fault states is required to pay for injuries, that should be up to policy limits.

The States that require PIP coverage with at-fault laws are: Arkansas Delaware Maryland Oregon At-Fault States Where PIP is Optional Two states where PIP insurance is optional. These are: New Hampshire South Dakota Texas Virginia Washington Wisconsin


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